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Temporary/ Permanent Gondola System

ZLP® series suspended platform is a special suspension platform for elevator installing, Other than functions of lifting & lowering and protection devices as general platforms, it is specially designed for narrow worksite. There are on-deck and double-deck platforms…

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Gondola Anchorage System

Suspended access systems also known as gondolas, are needed for tasks like building cleaning,welding inspection, window cleaning,cladding, painting, glazing, sand blasting, and maintenance work in general, nevertheless, others construction applications.

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Mast Climbing Platform

Our Mast Climbing Platforms are a definitely a form a proven alternative to suspended scaffold, fixed scaffold, lifts and other traditional access methods. Higher free-standing capabilities, powered chassis options, ease of mobility for crews, rapid ascent speeds and …

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We are committed to delivering excellence

“Whether you  think you can or think you can’t.”

A positive thinking to take the pressure continues to work on their project & task. Although there are several of problems, communication error, but a power of mind can resolve all the matter.

An act of god, of course we cannot control at all, but some other matter which we can resolve it, like time management, self discipline and etc. We can bring the work to move forward and make things easier for life.
The little thing matter like a drop of water will reflects attitude, that the individual to represent their self-discipline, character as well as leadership.

A professional wearing—Uniform is to represent our professionalism which leads towards teamwork, but theoretically removes social hierarchies created between.

Quality Driven

We have obtained high marks from our customers for delivering high quality products. This is largely due to our quality driven people and processes. It’s always our aim to attain maximum quality at all stages from basic development through manufacturing and delivery.

Customer Focused

Our customers are at the heart of our existence. That’s why we seek to realise effective customer contacts and solid long-term relationships by offering suitable products and services. We continually strive to meet and surpass customer as well as industry specific international standards requirements.us.


In the entire manufacturing process, we strictly comply with the ISO9001:2000 certification to ensure the quality. All our products have received CE Certificate.

Measured Performance

Apart from safety. Effectiveness is another key element that we strive for especially in today’s competitive advantage. We believe that well businesses and developments needed to be embraced.