Buildway Suspended Access Equipment (Gondola) Building Gondola, an ideal equipment for building facade construction, decoration installing, cleaning, painting, maintenance, ship building, elevator installing, big size tank, bridge, embankment and chianney construction and repairing.. It can be adapted for parallel traction, heavy materials lifting and hanging in many industries. LTD series hoist is easy for operation, flexible for moving, reliable in safety, We sell and rent the complete gondola system with the following items:-

  • LTD series hoist
  • LSB30II safety lock
  • Quality gondola wire rope and electrical cable
  • Electrical Control System
  • Gondola Anchorage System (Semi- Permanent Bracket System Installing)
  • Aluminium or mild steel galvanised gondola platform in length of 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m and 3m for combination to required length with engineer’s approval
  • Special platform to design to suit the building requirements
  • Permanent Gondola System (Bullding Maintenance Unit) Design & Installing.