The objective of Buildway Engineering & Services Sdn Bhd is to provide good quality of services. In addition, we are marketing safer products and better solutions which suit the needs of customers.

Hence, it is our commitment to provide our best products and services to our clients so as issues related to safety and health are safeguarded.

Our policy as stated as follow have been drawn out to show that our responsibility to ensure that the safety and health of our customers, especially; and our employees and public properties, generally are take care of.

  1. All of our products are conform to regulatory requirement for products and services safety testing and labeling.
  2. Marketing products which are safe and in accordance to clients’ needs.
  3. Providing safe and good quality of services to our client so as they are comfortable with our products.
  4. Continuous professional development programmed which means participating in safety and health courses organized by trade associates, professional societies, regulatory authorities and clients group. Therefore, we will be kept update with latest development and needs.
  5. Consistency in implementing safety and health standards to all level of works.
  6. Always welcome all parties who are interested to know more details about our health and safety guidelines. We guaranteed full information will be provided.

Chin Lee Ming

Managing Director                                                                                      11th May, 2017